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What You Need to Know About Virtual Organizing for Adults with ADHD 

August 7, 2022

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As a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD®), I am uniquely qualified with the knowledge and experience to help you with ADHD issues, hoarding, chronic disorganization, and aging. 

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With the boom of professional organizing, possibly due to Marie Kondo and the Home Edit series on Netflix, more people are getting help organizing their homes than ever. And with the pandemic, there has been a surge of people looking to get virtual organizing help. But does virtual organizing work for people with ADHD? 

As someone with ADHD, you find it hard to focus, and organizing by yourself feels like an impossible task. And you can’t even imagine the idea of a 4-hour-long organizing session. If that sounds like you, virtual organizing might be the answer. 

In today’s blog, I cover the pros and cons of virtual organization for people with ADHD and things to consider to determine if virtual organizing is right for you. 

What’s Virtual Organizing? 

Virtual organizing is very similar to in-home organizing. The only difference is that your organizer is on a video call rather than in your house. While they aren’t in person helping you move items around, they come up with a plan of action and help you bring your organization goals to life. You get 1:1 support and guidance from your organizer every step of the way. The best part? You can work with your favorite organizer from anywhere in the world. 

You may be wondering how virtual organizing works— well it’s pretty straightforward. You turn on your digital device at the scheduled time and speak with your professional organizer. That’s it! You would typically meet weekly or biweekly to get support on whatever organizing projects you’d like to tackle. 

Everything You Need to Know about Virtual organizing for people with ADHD.

Benefits of Virtual Organizing for people with ADHD 

ADHD is common, but many with ADHD don’t realize that outside medication and therapy, there are other ways to understand their condition. Virtual organization is one of the best ways for busy, motivated people with ADHD to bring structure to their life. 

Here are a few reasons why: 

  1. Short bursts of time  

Unlike on-site home organization, which is a minimum of 4 hours each session, we can schedule shorter virtual organizing sessions. 

By having shorter and more focused virtual meetings, you can make the most of out an organization session without feeling drained and then get back to your day. 

  1. Unwavering guidance, support, and focus 

When you hop on a virtual organizing call, you get undivided attention from your professional organizer. They come in with a plan and provide step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is follow along. 

If you have questions along the way, don’t be afraid to ask. A great professional organizer will be more than happy to explain why they’re suggesting certain items to be organized or labeled a certain way. With a knowledgeable organizer, they will help you better understand what methods can work best for your ADHD

  1. Supplement mental health support with virtual organizing 

Your mental health is important, and seeing a mental health professional is a great step in understanding your ADHD. Working with a virtual organizer simultaneously can increase the effectiveness of therapy because you’re putting your thoughts into action. By physically organizing your space, your mind will feel less cluttered too. 

Also, virtual organizing makes you feel confident because you’re doing the work. Sure, your professional organizer is guiding you, but you’re the one putting on labels and organizing your items. With the combination of therapy and organization, you will have a much deeper understanding of ADHD and how to approach it without doubting yourself. 

Additionals Pros of Virtual Organizing

Cost Effective and Affordable 

Virtual home organizing is a fraction of the cost of on-site home organization, with the same amount of guidance and support. Because virtual organizing costs less than on-site home organizing, you can book even more sessions for the same price.

Flexible Times for Busy People  

Virtual organizing sessions are 1 hour long sessions, unlike on-site home organization sessions, which begin at 4-hours. With virtual organizing, you have more flexibility in choosing which days and time you want to organize. 

Guidance and Direction at Your Fingertips

Help doesn’t stop when the session ends. You can always ask questions through email or text in between sessions. If you want more direction, you can also communicate that with your organizer before the start of the next session. 


Accountability is one of the most significant factors that help people reach their goals. Along with a virtual organizer, you also get an accountability partner and coach all rolled into one to help you create a plan, keep you on track, and cheer you on along the way. 

More Than Just Physical Organization 

With virtual organizing, you can organize more than your physical space. You can work with your professional organizer to improve time management, paper, or even digital clutter. 

Cons of Virtual Organizing  

While virtual organizing has many upsides for those with ADHD, it would be a lie to say there are no downsides. To ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into, we put a list of cons together so you can decide if virtual organizing is right for you. 

Less Hands-on 

Unlike in-home organizing, you don’t have an extra set of hands to help you organize. It can be a good thing if you love to keep your space to yourself and need a bit of guidance. But if you want someone to organize everything for you, an in-home organizer is the best way.  

You Do the Heavy Lifting 

Since you don’t have an extra set of hands, you will do the heavy lifting yourself. Or you can recruit a friend or trusted loved one to help. If you’re physically incapable of moving freely to organize, we don’t recommend virtual organizing. 

Virtual Organizing Alone Isn’t Effective for Hoarding 

People who hoard can also have ADHD, but not everyone with ADHD is the same. Pairing on-site home organization with virtual organizing can be incredibly impactful for those who hoard, but virtual organizing on its own won’t be enough. People who hoard have a tough time throwing things away. Talking to someone through a screen will be much less effective than in person. 

Questions to ask a professional organizer about virtual organizing for ADHD

Things to Consider When Searching for a Virtual Organizer if You Have ADHD

Expertise and Experience

On your discovery call, ask your professional organizer if they have certifications or experience organizing for people with ADHD. By simply asking, you can get a feel of how they approach organizing and working with their past ADHD clients. 

This is important because it gives you peace of mind knowing that the organizer understands what you are going through and knows how to help you better organize your space. 

Hint: If they are certified in ADHD and Virtual Organizing, it should be easy to find on their about page

How the Organizer Makes You Feel 

Do you feel at ease with your organizer? Do they make you feel comfortable talking to them? While it may not seem like it, a virtual organizer will work closely with you. You’ll be sharing many worries and personal struggles and letting them into your space. So, it’s essential to be aware of how they make you feel when interacting with them, especially on your first call. 


Communication is essential, especially in virtual organizing, where everything is digital. Having boundaries and expectations set in the beginning will ensure a great virtual organizing experience. 

Here are a few questions to ask to see if you like how they communicate: 

  • What platforms do you use to communicate? Ex. Google Meets, Zoom, Facetime 
  • How can I keep in touch with you in between sessions? 
  • How soon will I hear back after asking you a question? 
  • Do you use email, text, or voice messages? 

If the professional organizer doesn’t fit your communications needs, ask them if you can work something to figure it out. If they can’t provide what you need, look elsewhere. You deserve to have an organizer that can fully support you.

Book a Discovery Call 

At Livable Spaces™LLC, we believe organizing should be accessible to people worldwide. That’s why we provide virtual organizing services. With a certification in virtual organizing and ADHD, I don’t just help you get organized. I help you create customized systems so you can thrive.

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