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Coaching & Virtual Organization

Work with me 1:1 to create meaningful, long-lasting changes in your life. As your coach, accountability partner, and cheerleader, we’ll work together to set and achieve customized action plans to make your life goals a reality.

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  • Affordable because we offer 60 min sessions
  • Helps us stay focused on one single room
  • Great for busy schedules & limited availability
  • Great for accountability (key to long-term success) 
  • Great add-on to in-person work
  • Includes support in between sessions
  • Perfect solution to working through "stuckness" 

virtual support

One thing we definitely learned during the pandemic was just how much can be done virtually. I love supporting clients with coaching & virtual organization projects. 


Coaching is a powerful way to work towards your organizational & health goals. Sometimes a call is not about organizing your "stuff", but a time where we talk about creating systems, establishing goals, designing actions, creating a daily schedule, and challenging old beliefs.

It's a time to strategize, evaluate, and review what works and what doesn't, but most importantly - what's possible! I listen from the belief that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, by asking powerful questions. These questions help promote awareness, discovery, and action. Coaching can:

  • Help you with decision making, clutter issues, time management, and paper piles
  • Complement in-person organizing, or be used as a stand-alone service
  • Help you find solutions when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • Help you find a system that’s designed around your cognitive style
  • SHiFT® your current thoughts to create "breathing space” 
  • Help you practice the skills of making space (in your living area and your mind)
  • Get a handle on your “AD/HD” energy & organizational patterns 

Coaching With

Coaching with Jen


I’d love to learn more about your needs so I can help you make a plan! 

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As a Certified Virtual Professional Organizer ™ (CVPO™), I help you get your organizing projects done at a pace that is flexible & accommodating to your needs.  

Imagine me in your home, but instead, we’re talking through a mobile device using Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Meets. That’s it. You get the same coaching, guidance, and support you’d get if we were side-by-side, but we’d just be supporting you from a mobile device. Virtual Organizing is most effective if we “meet" on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, tracking your progress, discussing upcoming tasks, and addressing questions. In between sessions, you will work on your organizing assignments. If you have questions in between, I will be available via email or text for continued support.

What is Virtual Organizing (VO) and how does it work?

You'd be surprised! We can do many things that we’d accomplish if we were in-person. I like to work on projects, one at a time, so we stay focused on the task at hand. I can coach you on time management, paper, mail, and other related issues.

What kinds of services can we do virtually?

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Google Meets

How to work together

Choose a time that works for you.

2. Hop on a Call

We jump on a 30-minute call to get more details about your goals and set an action plan.

3. Get Started

We work together to help you achieve your organization needs and goals.

Are you ready to
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Are you ready to take charge of your space and your life?

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