Livable spaces®

Using the SHiFT® Method to inspire lasting change for your clients, yourself & the world around you

Using the SHiFT® Method to inspire lasting change for your clients, yourself & the world around you


SHiFT® Your
Professional Organizing Business & Transform Lives

...using the SHiFT® Method to help individuals overcome chronic disorganization.

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Not to mention, your own! There’s nothing more fulfilling than having a positive impact on someone’s home, health, and life.

And that’s exactly what you give to people as a Professional Organizer. You get to witness how your work draws out the best in your clients in a way I can only describe as profoundly moving.

SHiFT®’s an inside job.

As a Professional Organizer, you have the opportunity to change lives.

Do any of these resonate for you?

You're looking to take your Professional Organizing business to the next level.

You have a desire to help people on a deeper level & crave more purpose in your life.

You're looking for a way to standout from other Professional Organizers & land more clients.

Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD), Certified Virtual Organizing Professional (CVOP), ADHD & Life Coach, Author of Making the SHiFT®, and the Founder of Livable Spaces®.

I’ve been in the organizing world for nearly a decade. And in that time, not only have I grown a 6-figure business I love, but I’ve also helped hundreds of incredible people – most of whom were struggling with chronic disorganization.

What I've learned is that to truly transform lives, we need to do more than just organize homes. We need to help our clients address the underlying issues of chronic disorganization.

Hey there, I’m


Which is exactly why I created…..

The SHiFT® Masterclass

A masterclass designed exclusively for heart-based professional organizers who are ready to transform their business & the lives of their clients using the SHiFT® Method.

$450 | Instant Access

The SHiFT® Masterclass


This work is about giving someone the space to breathe and to live the life they deserve.

For people affected by chronic disorganization (CD), the weight of clutter can:

Disrupt their social connections

Damage their health

Make them feel inadequate

Impact their finances

Waste their valuable time

After seeing these problems come up time & time again with my clients, I realized I wanted to do more than simply come in, organize the clutter, and move on.

I Created The SHiFT® Method of Organizing to Help My Clients With Chronic Disorganization Transform Their Lives, And Now I'm Here to Teach You How to SHiFT® Your Business.

  • SOCIAL — Social community heals you from the inside out. Decluttering the home creates space for you to gather and connect with the people you love, without fear or judgment.

  • HEALTH — A cluttered home is a cluttered mind, while a clean home is a healthy one. Having a clear space allows you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

  • i AM DESERVING — Many people who live in a state of clutter don’t believe they deserve a Livable Space. The first step to change is believing it is possible and deserving.

  • FINANCES — Misfiled paperwork leads to debt and stress. Having things in order means you can feel at ease and spend money on things that are truly important.

  • TIME — Digging through the clutter takes precious time out of your life. A clean space allows you to spend time on things, and with people, that matter.

The SHiFT® Method of Organizing Teaches You To Support Your Clients Holistically:






Build a meaningful career that helps people live happier and healthier lives, so you feel empowered and fulfilled by the work you do every day.

Learn a holistic approach to organizing that looks at your clients as whole people, so you can get better results and make a greater impact.

Learn how to become a specialist & gain a competitive edge in today's marketplace, so you can land more clients & grow your business. 

What You'll Learn:

Uplevel your credentials by gaining eligibility to become a SHiFT® Specialist, so you can flash your badge and build trust with potential clients.

Get incredible results for your clients that not only allow you to create lasting change in people’s lives but also help your business stand out and succeed.

$450 | Instant Access

SHiFT® is Unlike Any Other Organizing Method Out There


Don’t provide a unique and repeatable framework that addresses the client as a whole person.

Focus on getting you in and out of the client’s door quickly, rather than going one step deeper to focus on lasting results.

Teach you organizing skills, but leave out how to make a successful business out of it and keep things running day-to-day.


Teaches a holistic and integrative approach to Professional Organization that creates lasting results with clients.

Guides you in building a truly purposeful and fulfilling career by focusing on the people you serve.

Equips you with the business and marketing skills you need to start and grow a successful organizing business.


Looking Beyond The Mess To Support Your Clients on Every Level.

We start with the first letter of the acronym, which stands for social. Learn how the power of compassion and good listening can make all the difference when working with clients.

Your work transforms people’s health and happiness. Understand how to leverage your craft as an organizer to help your clients live their healthiest lives.


We’ll wrap up our time together by talking about how you can apply the SHiFT® Method to your unique business & standout as a specialist in today's competitive marketplace. 


You’ll walk away knowing how to apply the SHiFT® Method of Organizing to help your clients restore health & happiness. 


Many clients, especially those affected by Chronic Disorganization (CD), don’t feel deserving of a Livable Space. Learn how to empower your clients to feel worthy of a ”livable” home.


Clutter can lead to missed payments, debt, and utter stress. Walk away from this session knowing how you can apply this method to eliminate this burden from your clients’ lives.



Living in clutter takes away people’s precious time. You’ll understand the significant impact this has on people’s well-being and exactly how you can make a difference.




Gain access to our Private Facebook Group where you can get your questions answered and receive support from other Professional Organizers who have completed the SHiFT® Masterclass (and Jen!). There is nothing more valuable in the journey of entrepreneurship than connecting with your peers.


Receive a signed copy of my book, Making the SHiFT®: True Stories of How People Affected by Chronic Disorganization Learn to Live a Deserving Life. This book breaks down the SHiFT® Method and will further your knowledge and skills as a Professional Organizer.



  • A SHiFT® Specialist Certificate 

  • Exclusive Access to The SHiFT® Training Private Facebook Community

  • Signed Copy of Making the SHiFT® Book

  • Exclusive Access to Book Additional 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Jen

  • A digital 'SHiFT Specialist' badge to display on your website & business materials

By completing the SHiFT® Masterclass, you get:


Master the SHiFT® Method of Organizing in One Afternoon.

Complete the SHiFT® Masterclass in as little as one afternoon

Step 02 - Use The SHiFT® Method

Receive your certificate & signed book, and begin transforming your business as a SHiFT® Specialist

Step 03 - Grow Your Business

Stay connected inside the exclusive private FB group for ongoing business support & start changing lives!

Let's review how it works!

Are You Wondering Whether or Not The SHiFT® Masterclass is Right For You?

I’m here to help you figure it out! Let's see if you relate to any of these: 

of which...


You love helping people

You’re a compassionate, kind, and patient person

You’re not afraid to ask questions

You're looking to grow your business

You want to help clients on a deeper level

Then you will be living your best life as a Professional Organizer, and this masterclass is for you!


Which is exactly why I created…..

The SHiFT® Masterclass

A masterclass designed exclusively for heart-based professional organizers who are ready to transform their business & the lives of their clients using the SHiFT® Method.

$450 | Instant Access

The SHiFT® Masterclass