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Thank you for reaching out and seeking a professional organizer! Sometimes this is not an easy step.

My inspiration for organizing stems from my love to help people. It’s an amazing feeling to start organizing with people who are feeling anxious, and watch as they transform throughout our time together. 

Organizing for me is more about building relationships than organizing "stuff". Our business builds valuable connections by listening. We listen to what you’re saying and what you’re not saying. To that end, we use an integrative approach and understand that our role is not only to organize your stuff but how organizing your ‘stuff’ can transform your entire life.

We call this SHiFT®.

Jen Cazares, CPO-CD®, CVOP™
  • Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®
  • Certified Virtual Organizing Professional™ 
  • Founder of SHiFT®


the Livable Spaces team


Lead Professional Organizer

Tara is super-efficient, has a warm personality, is very patient, and she is a dream to work with.

Since a teen, she has loved to organize, clean, decorate and rearrange household furniture for maximum ascetics, functionality, and enjoyment---turning your house into a warm home.

Tara Sager

Tiffany Madrzykowski 

Professional Organizer

Organizing is a zen activity for Tiffany. She loves taking an area apart, looking at all the pieces and then putting it back together in a way that makes sense to the person using the space.

Tiffany's drive for being an organizer is to help individuals & families who are overwhelmed by their possessions.

People often get lost in the emotional connections that they have to 'things,' which ultimately takes time away from focusing on what really matters -- time with people they love.

Professional Organizer

Jessica believes that the space you spend your time in should be a functional and comfortable space that accommodates personal lifestyle. For her, having a fresh organized space has always been a non-negotiable, and having an orderly space allows her mind to relax & provides more clarity. Jessica's goal is always to help others achieve this same experience, in a way that works for their unique needs. 

Jessica Taul

Donation + Distribution Specialist

Our goal with every Livable Spaces project is to keep as much as possible out of the landfills, and Marc is the guy that makes this happen!

He works with various donation organizations including Urban Compassion Project, Friend’s of the Library + East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.

By partnering with these non-profits (and many more), we're able to serve our clients, and the community at large.

Fun fact...Marc “decided" to step into this role because Jen forced him to ;) Just kidding! Marc saw that Jen needed lots of help as her business expanded and wanted to help bring her vision of community support to life. 

He is a semi-retired general contractor and has been invaluable to the Livable Spaces team, and in supporting his wife’s passion to transform lives. 

Marc Cazares

Admin & Asst Organizer 

Sophie, Jen's daughter, who is naturally organized (surprise, surprise) is the Virtual Admin and part-time junior organizer.  While home from college she works onsite with clients and keeps the business running smoothly!

Clients have shared things like:

  • "Thank you for bringing Sophie, you were like machines!"
  • "I cannot tell you how glad I am that you, Tara, and Sophie helped me to make our home presentable."  

Sophie is studying International Relations and Environmental Studies at American University in Washington, DC, and will be organizing with Jen every second she's home from school. She's also fluent in Spanish, and here to support our Spanish speaking clients.

Sophie Cazares

Cooper The Brawn | Assistant

Cooper, Jen's son, is not so naturally organized, but he does add a ton to our team! Cooper brings loads of charisma and "brawn" to the table. And best of all, our clients always love Cooper's energy!
Whenever Jen needs a lot of muscle, Cooper is on it! He is a freshman at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, AZ, studying psychology, and is there to help out during holidays and the summer. 

Cooper Cazares

Become a SHiFT® Specialist

MASTERCLASS  available now!


A client said, “When you come to my house, what you are doing is learning my tastes, attitudes, and feelings about things, which informs you, so you know how to talk me out of keeping ‘I don’t know’ items, or to accept that I want to keep them. You listen and accept my decisions even on questionable items, or will talk me out of some things by using my criteria. You know when to change my area of focus when I get bogged down on making decisions.” As you can see, there has been a SHiFT® in my client’s perspective, because we address the whole person, not just the stuff.

Through this ongoing practice, we approach organizing from all angles, bringing into being a more balanced life. You’ll learn new practical skills, become more self-aware, learn new positive habits, and with continued practice---you'll feel hopeful and fulfilled.



SHiFT® evolves over time through intentional collaboration, addressing issues of self-worth, health, time management and other key areas that are related to chronic disorganization. The benefits of this method are profound. 

We wear many hats, including project manager!

Sometimes disorganization and/or hoarding creates the need for a home remodel. In these situations, we're able to step in as project manager overseeing the planning, design, and construction of remodel projects, from beginning to end. Marc is a retired General Contractor of over 40 years, which really helps in this department!

Making The SHiFT®

Real Life Stories of transformation

Our debut book, Making The SHiFT®, focuses on the true stories of our clients, and how they have used the SHiFT® Method to overcome chronic disorganization. When the weight of clutter buries social connections, negatively impacts physical health & depletes finances, it's easy to lose sight of your worth + purpose in life. But the SHiFT® Method peels away the layers of dysfunction & clutter. Grab your copy today on 


available now!

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