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Why Decluttering Should Be On The Top Of Your New Year’s Resolution List + 5 Places To Get Started   

January 1, 2023

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As a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD®), I am uniquely qualified with the knowledge and experience to help you with ADHD issues, hoarding, chronic disorganization, and aging. 

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Happy 2023! 

Welcome to a fresh start and a clean slate. A time for new beginnings, big dreams, and writing out those resolutions for the new year. 

It really is a great feeling, to start anew. There’s just something about opening up those blank pages of a new planner that can really spark excitement and motivation. 

But can I let you in on a little secret? 

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. 

Now hear me out – I’m a big believer in setting goals, and whatever helps you get in the right mindset for a fresh start to the new year is a very positive thing! 

But the typical fashion of listing out resolutions and going full throttle right out of the gate simply does not work for the long haul. 

Declutter your home for the New Year

Where New Year’s Resolutions Go Wrong 

It tends to be the same old story…

January first rolls around and you feel inspired to make a change. You sit down with a warm cup of coffee, put your pen to paper, and write out your biggest ambitions. Maybe it’s a financial goal or a career milestone. Or maybe it’s to lead a healthier lifestyle. No matter the goal, it’s written down with a target date and perhaps some smaller milestones to hit along the way. 

But here’s where it goes wrong…

those goals quickly become lofty expectations on top of your already bustling life and lengthy to-do list, and before you know it, you’re bogged down with overwhelm. 

Maybe you start the first month out with a bang, but as soon as you hit a slump or a few hard days, that “all or nothing” mentality leaves you resetting your start date for Monday (yet again). 

The loads of laundry are piling up and the counter is cluttered with loose papers (speaking of …where did that to-do list go?). 

Before you know it you’ve missed the mark on several days, and boom – the overwhelm hits. 

You’ve simply got too much on your plate, and you’ve found yourself slipping back into old patterns. 

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. 

The truth is, most people fail to meet their resolutions (over 80% of people to be exact).  

So what can you do differently? What can you do to make it stick? 

It starts with the clutter on your counter. 

That’s right. Decluttering your home may be the ticket to unlocking your full potential and finally checking off those goals. 


By making the SHiFT®, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. 

So let’s dive in. 

How Decluttering Your Home Can SHiFT® Your Life 

I want you to take a moment to think back on your past resolutions. Do they seem to follow a pattern? Maybe even repeat themselves year after year?

For each year that passes with you continuing to fall short of your goals, your deserve-o-meter takes a hit. In other words, you start to wonder if you’ll ever make a change.  

Well I’m here to tell you that those changes are more than possible, and you are so deserving of them. It just may be time to switch up your perspective and try a new approach. 

So what’s the secret? 

At Livable Spaces, we believe you can create positive, lasting change by making the SHiFT®.  By taking small steps toward better organizing your space, you can transform all facets of your life. 

Living in a decluttered space leads to:

1. A better Social life

Once you begin to clear the clutter around the spaces that you inhabit in your day-to-day, your energy levels will be restored. You’ll feel more enjoyment around social interactions and feel more present and engaged with those you love.  

And what’s even better? 

You’ll no longer have to feel that heart-wrenching embarrassment you once felt from having so much clutter to begin with. 

2. Optimal Health

This one is huge, and it comes in many forms. 

First and foremost, you’ll finally have the cleared counter space and organized cabinets that allow you the ease and flow of preparing healthier, homemade meals. Not only does this provide you the opportunity to better nourish your body, but your mind will benefit as well. Cleared spaces create space to breathe, relieving anxiety and allowing you to better compartmentalize your thoughts. 

Watching your spaces become more livable and better organized also creates a strong sense of accomplishment, which leads us to our next benefit. 

3. Better self-worth (i am deserving) 

As you become more organized, those feel-good endorphins start to kick in. Your self-esteem takes a turn for the better, and you are content and feel a sense of internal calmness. 

Your home begins to feel like a safe place of comfort where you can breathe through and process your thoughts. These feelings transcend into all areas of life and only continue to enhance your feelings of self-worth. 

4. A healthier Financial life 

Although monetary wellness is not the most important part of overall health and well-being, it certainly poses as the foundation that can either break down or build up all other areas of your life. 

The more you declutter your home and the more organized you become, the more space you have to make healthier financial decisions. This can come about in many ways.

Maybe your bills are finally being paid on time, or you start saving money because you’ve cleared out your storage unit(s). You don’t overspend on eating out or having food delivered, and you finally have some extra money to start putting away in savings. 

To put it simply, you realize how much better you do with less…how much happier you are…and so you stop spending on things you don’t need. 

5. More Time

A decluttered home buys you more time in many ways. For one, everything now has a place to live – no more time wasted searching for what you need! 

Your brain benefits as well. By creating an environment with less visual stimulation and distractions, you’re able to better process information. In turn, your productivity increases, and you now have time to do what fulfills your heart and purpose in life. 

Now we know what you’re thinking –  just the mere thought of decluttering feels exhausting let alone actually doing it. Where do you even start?  

We’re going to break that down for you right here. 

Declutter your home for the New Year

Declutter Your Home With This Checklist

We know tackling a project like this can be incredibly daunting, and we want you to feel supported through such a big change.  

Use this list as a guide on where to start, and check off each space as you go. Focus on one room at a time (and give yourself lots of patience and grace). 

1. Kitchen

This is typically the heart of the home where everyone gathers. Decluttering and organizing this space allows for better social engagement and the opportunity to cook healthier meals. 

2. Bedroom

You spend a lot of time in your room, and the quality of your rest is important. It’s critical that it feels like a sanctuary. 

3. Dining room

Whether it’s a formal dining area or a breakfast nook, wherever you gather with your family and/or partner for mealtime should be a place free of distractions. It should present as a calm and inviting place to talk over a nutritious meal (without the TV, cell phone, or other distractions). 

4. Bathroom

This one is a given – you need (and want) a clean and cleared bathroom for hygienic reasons. But it also serves as a space for both starting and ending your day on a good note. From skincare routines to the occasional epsom salt bath, your bathroom should be organized to be a sanctuary much like that of your bedroom. 

5. Garage 

This is one that a lot of people tend to skip over – and boy oh boy can it hold clutter. Your garage should be organized as a means to park your car and have some space on the sides to utilize as functional storage. Ask yourself this question: “if I haven’t used this in the past year, am I going to use it in the future?” If not, time to donate! 

So there you have it! A list to get you started on decluttering your home.  

Does this still feel too daunting? If you don’t want to work through such a big list, ask yourself this… “which one of these rooms creates the most amount of stress in my day-to-day?” This is what we call your pain point. 

Now take a big ole’ marker, circle it…whatever lights you up, and start there. Break it down into small, achievable tasks (like focusing on one drawer at a time), and don’t even look at the remaining items on your list until the first thing is complete. 

And remember this: Take a deep breath! Your space didn’t get like this in a day, and it takes time to make the SHiFT® to create positive change.

But it does work. 

So well, in fact, that it has the power to ignite forward motion in every single New Year’s Resolution you’ve ever written out. 

So this year, when it comes time to sit down and write out your resolutions, I challenge you to dig a bit further beneath the surface.

I challenge you to make the SHiFT®.

Declutter your space and allow yourself to reach optimal potential in all areas of your life. 

Still Feeling Overwhelmed? 

We understand – more than you know. 

Sometimes making a to-do list and actually checking it off are two different things entirely.

Decluttering your home is a very big task, and you are not alone in how difficult and overwhelming it can feel. 

It’s important that you feel supported through a big change like this. You should never feel shame or guilt, and you deserve to have a gentle hand to guide you through the process. So if you’re feeling even the slightest sense of doubt, know that we are in your corner.  

Livable Spaces can help guide you through each step forward in making the SHiFT®.  You are so deserving of that wholesome sense of self-worth, and with a little guidance, I promise that you’ll start to see your life change right before your eyes. 

We’re here for you, and we’re rooting for you, friend. 



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