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True Stories of How Chronically Disorganized People Learn to Live a Deserving Life, is a work written for professional organizers, their clients, potential clients, other related professionals, or families  interested in the challenges and behavior of chronically disorganized people live on a daily basis.  

Nimbly addressing the assemblage of anecdotes and facts, this work synthesizes the author's cumulative knowledge of psychology, sociology, research, and education---and how useful such knowledge is when compassionately delivered, has enormous healing potential. 

The author distilled this phenomenon into the acronym and metaphor SHiFT®. As an acronym, the author has pinpointed social connections, health, i (the person impacted), finances, and time as the most impactful areas that clutter suppresses. SHiFT®, as a metaphor identifies moving from fragmentation into wholeness. Applying the SHiFT® Method allows them to witness that by making seemingly small changes in their approach to their clients, gradual, sustainable improvement will cause big effects. 

Meet the author

Jen Cazares is the founder of SHiFT®, and the author of Making the SHiFT® Book with contribution from Connie Anderson. 

Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD), Certified Virtual Organizing Professional (CVOP), ADHD & Life Coach, Author of Making the SHiFT®, and the Founder of Livable Spaces®.

I’ve been in the organizing world for nearly a decade. And in that time, not only have I grown a 6-figure business I love, but I’ve also helped hundreds of incredible people – most of whom were struggling, all of whom are deserving of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

While working with her clients the author, Jen Cazares noticed her clients all shared a basic, underlying pattern. 

It became apparent to her that organizing households, collectibles, personal files, and records involve more than decluttering tangible assets, but also the underlying and complicated intangibles of personal behavior.

Jen's years of experience working alongside chronically disorganized clients enabled her to observe many areas impacted by chronic disorganization in her client’s daily living habits that are never addressed. As a result, she created the approach, SHiFT®, to challenge, reframe and mitigate her client’s underlying behavior. 


An Acronym & a Metaphor for Our Trademarked Approach to Organizing. 

The book focuses on true stories of Jen's real experiences with her clients and the SHiFT® each client experiences. Their normal lives are a conglomerate of social, physical, emotional, financial, and time. Areas our client continually attempts to coordinate into a coherent pattern of orderly affairs but fails, feeling more hopeless.

By examining each of these major activity areas and how they relate to each other, we as professional organizers start to see the importance of addressing our clients’ lives holistically. 

When the weight of clutter buries your social connections with family and friends, negatively impacts your physical health, as well as the health of your home, depletes your finances, and wastes your time---our clients lose sight of who they are and their purpose. The approach of using SHiFT® pulls off the layers of clutter so that our clients can breathe, flourish, and live a deserving life.

Jen's book attempts to raise the reader’s awareness, including people with hoarding behavior, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and interested family members, but also professionals.

SHiFT® Stands For:

  • SOCIAL — Social connections heal you from the inside out. Together, we declutter your space and create more room to connect with the people you love.

  • HEALTH — It is time to put your health first. A clean and organized home allows you to thrive and become the healthiest version of yourself.

  • I AM DESERVING — You deserve a livable space. The first step to change is believing in yourself and believing change is possible. While we work together, we provide you with continuous support to ensure you feel worthy of a clutter-free space.

  • FINANCES — Prevent additional stress and debt due to misfiled paperwork. Get your finances in order so you can spend money on things that truly matter.

  • TIME — Time is the only resource you can never get more of. Get organized so you can spend less time digging through clutter and more time making precious memories. 

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Everything you need to know about Making the SHIFT® Book 

Who is the target market for the book?

Our book is written for professional organizers, their clients, potential clients, and other related professionals interested in the challenges and behavior of chronically disorganized people. It is also for anyone who suffers from challenges relating to chronic disorganization and their family who wants a better understanding of how chronic disorganization can affect a loved one.

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Making the SHiFT® Book is now available to purchase on Amazon. Click here to get your copy!

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Making the SHiFT® Book will be available in digital and printed format. You will get to choose your product type at checkout from Amazon.


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