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6 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Organizer Before Moving

August 5, 2021

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Moving is stressful, but don’t just take my word for it.
According to the 1000 Americans surveyed, 45% said moving was the most stressful event in their life. 43% of them said they would never do it on their own ever again (1).
Every piece of furniture, decor, clothing, and utensil have to be accounted for, and each piece takes time and energy to go through, think about, and pack. And this is on top of taking care of your family, work, and long new home to-do list.
But you don’t have to do it on your own.

Leave It to Professional Organizers to Help You Pack and Unpack Your Home With Ease

Professional organizers help you donate items that you no longer need.

1. Help You Declutter Before You Start a New Chapter of Your Life

Pack items that you love and need as you transition to the next phase in your life.
It is easy to pack everything, thinking you will figure it out later, but this is a huge and common moving mistake.
Packing and moving unused and unloved items will only add stress and overwhelm to your move. It adds unnecessary costs like extra packing supplies, moving trucks, and movers. These can quickly add up and increase your moving costs.
Moving costs can increase greatly depending on (2):

  • How much stuff you have
  • How much it weighs
  • How much spaces it takes up
  • How many movers you need
  • How far your move is
  • If you are moving during a busy season

And at the end of the move, you will have to deal with the items again.
With the help of professional organizers, you can prevent any headaches and declutter intentionally before the move.
Professional organizers work with you to declutter items you no longer use or love. Preventing unnecessary clutter in your new home saves you time, energy, and money you can spend in the next chapter of your life.

Professional organizers are trained and experienced to handle your items with care.

2. Professional Organizers are Trained and Experienced to Pack and Unpack With Care

Your items are in great hands.
Professional organizers understand that each item in your home is valuable to you. They are trained to handle your belongings with care and treat your items as if it was their own.
They safely pack each of your items in appropriate boxes and insulation so your belongings can safely make it to their new home in one piece. With strategic and efficient packing, the unpacking process can be just as simple and orderly.

Professional organizers use airtable to keep track of all of your items and inventory.

3. Professional Organizers Help You Know Exactly What You Have and Where You Have It

Moving consists of many moving parts.
During the moving process, your entire home gets packed into boxes. It can be nerve-wracking not knowing exactly where everything you own is located.
With a software system like Airtable, you are kept in the loop at all times.
Airtable is a system used to keep a detailed inventory of items that you own and love. You will know exactly what items you have, how many you have, and where they are located.
With detailed photos and a searchable database, you don’t have to guess where your favorite mug is in a sea of boxes.

Professional organizers help you pack and unpack more carefully than movers and packers.

4. Professional Organizers Clearly Label and Categorize Boxes So They are Ready for Any Move

Packing can quickly become so overwhelming and tiring you want to chuck everything into one box and forget about it.
Sadly, this makes unpacking even more stressful. You will have to dig through boxes full of random items as you try to settle into your new home.
Professional organizers help you sort, categorize, and pack your items with intention and care. During the packing process, they ensure all items are organized and easily accessible.
While boxes are shuffled around during moves, clear labeling will make moving the boxes into the right rooms foolproof.

Professional organizers help you unpack your home so you can start living right away.

5. Professional Organizers Unpack Your Home So It is Ready to Live In

Unpacking can be just as stressful, if not more stressful, than packing.
Unpacking consists of taking all your items out of the boxes after a long day of work. And then you have to decide where to put everything in your new home. Many people end up living out of boxes for days, weeks, or even months because they don’t want to deal with going through everything again.
But that doesn’t have to be you.
Have your home unpacked, organized, and ready to live in right away.
Professional organizers help you put away or organize items that you packed. Unlike movers, organizers don’t leave your stuff on the floor and walk away. They organize your clothes, books, electronics, and kitchenware to fit your space so you can make the most of your new home as soon as possible.

6. Professional Organizers Make Your Move Effortless

Moving signifies a massive milestone in your life. Whether it is a new job, growing family, or lifestyle change, you deserve to be excited – not stressed out. You have so much on your plate already.
Don’t be like the 45% of people who were extremely stressed during their move (1).
Make moving as effortless as possible with the help of packing and unpacking professional organizers. We do the hard work so you can sit back worry-free.

When should you call a professional organizer when you need help moving?

When Is the Best Time to Call a Professional Organizer When You’re Ready to Move?

Call as soon as possible!
Even before your house goes on the market – there’s lots of planning and strategizing to do.
If you need unpacking and packing services in Contra Costa & Alameda Counties, we have your back. Call today to start a new chapter of your life without a hitch.

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